Energywise Home Credit: Accumulate up to $147 in bill credits by joining Duke Energy Demand Response Program

Duke Energywise Home Credit

EnergyWise® Home is a simple way of reducing overall energy use when the demand is high. Not only are you helping reduce energy wastage, but also saving on your electric bill as you can get up to $147 in annual bill credits. Your participation would mean contributing towards preserving our natural resources, delaying the need for constructing more power plants, and keeping the cost of energy low for everyone. Enroll now or call us at 877.574.0341. The number is operational from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM to 6 PM, and on Saturdays between 8 AM to noon.

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Duke Energy Florida Rates & Tariffs – Understanding Electric Rates

Duke Energy Florida Rates

Duke Energy believes in clean and sustainable energy that is affordable and reliable, today and for years to come. There are multiple factors that can incrementally increase the cost of production and consequently the price you pay for Duke Energy, such as fuel costs, environmental regulations, improvements in infrastructure, and even the change in energy demand.

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